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Brad London

This is not hard at all. Treat everyone equally based on biology. Boys go to the boys room, girls go to the girls bathroom. Pronouns, by definition, are absurd. You are what your biology is. This she/her stuff a guy may do is ridiculous. Just stop it.

Public unions should be outlawed. They clearly are destroying states as evidenced by CA, CT, etc. Ridiculous deals are struck that put them into a death spiral. Plus they are unnecessary.

This is clearly the result of democrat policies such as wide open border, the effort to defund the police and having more lenient laws to release criminals.

It's great that most Virginians were smart enough to elect Youngkin. Why should boys be able to go into the girls bathroom or vice versa? Roem and people like that are sickos.

The culture of violence continues. Virginia should reinstate the death penalty. People like this thug don't deserve to live.

This is an excellent move. Bathrooms should be based on biology, not what someone "thinks" they "identify" with. Totally ridiculous to let an individual decide what sex they are.

Liberal policies and poor parenting matter. Pretty sure both apply here as the reason this occurred. We need to do away with teachers unions / associations.

Liberals will continue to try and indoctrinate students to their socialist ideas as well as exposing them to deviant behavior at a very young age. They should be stopped at every occurrence.

Likely another one of Biden's open border dudes doing good deeds in the neighborhood. Voting matters each time.

Juan Alfaro Rodriguez is likely just another one of Biden's open border dudes doing good deeds in the neighborhood. Voting matters...

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