It's true, things will only continue to get worse under liberal "leadership". Look at the facts. Any liberal run city is a horrible place to live (Baltimore, San Francisco, Detroit). High crime, high taxes, poor schools. It's happening here now.

Citizen52, don't confuse little tman(girl) with facts. She's ignorant and obviously very racist.

Again tman(girl) shows her total ignorance and racist views. The original story, fool, did not have names. I ask for names because basic journalism requires it. You just continue to embarrass yourself. Continue....

Basic journalism requires you to provide names of the non-minors arrested. Why didn't you?

Basic Journalism 101 teaches you should include the name of the person involved. Why didn't you?

Nice pic, bruh. The culture of violence continues.

Having younger teachers is probably a good thing. So many in the schools are entrenched in their positions for decades. It's next to impossible to fire ineffective teachers so some are there for years just waiting to get to their pension.

Trying to remove history vs learning from it. Liberals continue to try and destroy America. Vote republican! The liberals are ruining the country and are offended by street signs! What a joke.

You are exactly right. Very poor "journalism" yet again on display. There was never a discussion about sensitive issues. It was all about the big money not wanting Disney in that location. They shaped that into "environmental" concerns. Of course, as you stated, they have much greater spr…

Likely more of 0bama's illegals doing good deeds in the community.