Catherine Christine

Doesn’t are Democratically controlled Board of County Supervisors have Federal funds left in their Covid kitty to help these people?

And if your religious leader doesn’t know that abortion and infanticide are the murder of a baby - as Gandalf would say, “Fly you fools.” “RUN.” Trump/Pence 2020!

Defend the Police. Save the children. Vote Life. Trump 2020. Respect the Flag. Anyone who claims to be religious and votes in infanticide has a Preacher who knows not that the Bible.

An extremely important part of this story, “ The Virginia Association of Commonwealth’s Attorneys (VACA), which represents all 120 elected prosecutors in the state, has generally opposed the kinds of reforms now under discussion.”

Law Enforcement globally is under attack at the same time they are breaking up a worldwide human trafficking ring. Defend the Police. Protect the children.

“ Actually, you should watch MSNBC which compiled multiple pediatricians who said it was time to get kids back to school. Yes, it seems the experts are actually supporting President Trump’s position that schools should re-open in the fall. MSNBC host Craig Melvin’s face at the end of all …

GOD, Family, Country, Truth, Life, Liberty, Rule of Law, Justice, PEACE. Womb to the Tomb type Justice and peace. And ... Love and Mercy and Forgiveness.

Are we still allowed to call this what it really is? Or is everyone else afraid of losing everything held dear?

Catherine Christine commented on Ayala running for lieutenant governor

Vote Life!

Back in the day former Supervisor Caddigan was a Democrat. She originally ran years ago as a Republican because the Democratic Party (to their loss) didn’t want her. We’d have to actually look at her voting record but she sided with both parties over her long tenure and the needs of her c…

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