Dems, is this what you voted for? Remember in the next election. Its not too late to call and write your supervisor and ask them to lower the tax rate if they want your vote next election. And if you vote for them, you deserve what you get. Stop complaining to the rest of us.

Thinking about identifying as black, just to even up the percentages.

Perhaps its time to raise the standards for earning a storm name. I remember when it use to be such an honor to be a named storm. Now almost every storm gets a name, even the winter storms.

No snow and <.5 inches of sleet. Looks like they were wrong again.

Isn't it fun spending other people's money? They should be looking for opportunities to cut the budget, rather than increasing it. 3.3 Million to change the name of a road? Let's just leave it as Route 1 and be done with it. Or is somebody offended by that name. Just because you don't cur…

In the past 2 years they have taken away part of the regular roadway in our area and painted bike lanes on the road. I have never seen anyone use these lanes. If they are going to ride on our roads, they should have to register their bike, get a license and pay a bike tax to subsidize the…

How sad that they've had over 6 months to prepare for the vaccine, and yet they can't devote the resources to get people inoculated quickly. Perhaps its more profitable to have you admitted as a patient rather than provide immunity?

Who would want to live on a landfill? If you left it as a park its going to cost the taxpayer for maintenance and security. Instead you have an opportunity to generate some recreational income. It seems like a great idea. Just not sure if its viable unless it becomes one of those things y…

Just add a toll via ex pass to be charged as you drive over each completed project and keep raising the toll until it becomes cheaper to use public transportation. Something tells me that's where we are heading. Most businesses learn how to budget for capital expenditures, but the governm…

They should allow it to happen if the vendors and attendees all agree to wear hazmat suits and go through a decontamination upon exiting at the promoters expense. Anything less isn't safe because these people don't like to follow rules and won't follow social distancing guidelines.

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