Not necessarily disturbed and doesn’t need picture posted publicly at this stage because kids this age can be impulsive and often don’t think of consequences. Does need to have significant consequence to prevent future criminal behavior.

This was a major misstep by the school’s leadership. Perhaps there’s a fledgling principal at Jenkins who’s not familiar with all of the requirements in opening a new school. At any rate, two school functions without approvals is a pretty big misstep.

The plot thickens. So Fairfax believes Stover’s camp might be behind this. Politics were always brutal but people seem to stoop to increasingly new lows to achieve their political ends.

I know that people have to make a living but puppy mills are just wrong. Adopt a rescue pet.

Proud of these well-trained rescue units. May they stay safe and rescue many.

That’s correct. There are “poorer” schools, a misnomer, on different sides of the county. “Prejudice?” Are you equating “poorer schools” with race? I hope not because it’s just not the case.

I agree that experienced and inexperienced teachers can have a positive reciprocal impact.…

I think that the title of this article is misleading. Firstly, if the reporter reviews the lists, there is little to no pattern of inexperienced teachers in “poorer schools.” In fact, there seems to be no pattern at the middle and high school levels. Secondly, there are so many variables …

What an intelligent and beautiful animal. K9s are so faithful and dedicated. Yes, he was a true four-legged hero who did his job well.

There are Democrat, Republican, and independent voter racists. Racism knows no party boundaries.

Another sad motorcycle tragedy...RIP.