Remember the 2019 mass murder at a Virginia Beach government building? City ordinances forbid bringing legal weapons to their properties. One of the victims who had her concealed carry permit wanted to take her firearm to work but obeyed the law. Unfortunately for the dead, they were not …

The Clash had some good songs but this want their best. Rock the Casbah and Should I Stay or Should I Go were better. Their support of the Red Brigade was unfortunate. To be sure, they were leftists.

Hmm, don’t think he’s a Democrat.

The only irony is that I don’t name-call.

When I read the headline, I thought that this was a joke, then I read the article. This ridiculous recommendation is one reason why the District of Columbia should have remained under Federal rule, not turned into a city with its own government. In keeping it as a Federal district, it cou…

I see that you’ve been reading your Bible,again, Derek. Name-calling and accusations are not part of the New Testament.

If you read the Bible, you would see the hypocrisy in that statement. You’re the one who mentioned Trump and God in the same sentence, not me. LOL

Derek, if you read the Bible, you should try to follow its teachings more closely. Your posts are often accusatory, name-calling, and angry. That’s not what the New Testament is about and you know it if you read the Bible.

Covid-19 is most threatening to senior citizens and those with pre-existing conditions. According to a recent study of data from Newcastle University in the UK (Daily Telegraph, 9/2/2020), childhood accidents and the flu far outweigh the deaths of covid.

Stop is referring to Northam…

Kudos to these very talented students! I visited the site to review videos and vote but there was no heart icon required to vote on any screen I tried.

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