Lynne June

Police may want to check out the individuals who congregate on the 123 side of the store. I’ve seen them socializing around their cars on this side of the store. Maybe they saw something?

Thank you for this story and well-written editorial. It is our duty as Americans to pass down the stories of bravery and sacrifice to the younger generations. They need to know that what they may take for granted, however imperfect, was only earned through the hard sacrifices of those who…

A rebuttal? I wasn’t aware this forum was a debate, just people posting their opinions. For the record, I am not offended by the name of Fort Belvoir and did not know it’s origin as I’m sure many people did not. Does this mean we need to research the name of every place in the US? I think…

Fort Belvoir’s location does provide a beautiful view.

Just as I predicted, this would become a Democrat-Republican shouting match. It’s really ridiculous. This crime has nothing to do with politics. May the McDaniels RIP.

No one agrees with violence on either side. Derek, give up the Trumpster and Trumpet lingo. There are a large group of people who are not enthralled with the man but could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary or Joe.

I was thrilled to get my Pfizer vaccines and have felt no ill effects; however, this is supposed to be a free country, so like it or not, people need to be able to reject the vaccine if they feel uncomfortable. I read a foreign newspaper on a daily basis. Things have improved but the Indi…

Even FDR was against unions existing in the governmental sector because unions would be bargaining against the taxpayers. Unions were great back in the old days when there were no worker protections for non-governmental jobs. Just like corporation fat cats, Union bosses and lawyers enrich…

All “liberals” own electric cars? I think not. Anyway, wait until the hackers take out the electrical grid.

I’m a moderate. When you’re in my position, you really don’t have party representation, so I’m willing to listen to what both candidates propose. Both candidates seem good.

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