Lynne June

It’s easy to vote for a significant pay raise when all you have to do is raise citizens’ taxes to pay for it. Foust is out of touch with the county. She thinks everyone is wealthy in Fairfax. I assume she is running for re-election, as are most of the board members, which means they’re vo…

Check out the bloated school budget. They just keep adding administrators with huge salaries, and not efficiently.

With a criminal history of assault and gun charges going back 20 years, Davis did not have to apologize for saying the victim had a known history of criminal activity. It was just an unnecessary comment.

Do you ever read what you type? Capitalize “people,” replace “on” with “in,” and use “take” instead of “takes” for subject-verb agreement.

People have different opinions. In an open forum, we can judge them, or not. Not everyone on this forum is educated and, more importantly, not e…

Good job! Now, when will we see our superintendent staff get behind the wheel? Perhaps the custodial staff might like to see them pitch in?

Barrier islands were never meant to be developed, especially oceanfront on, or in front of, the dunes. The islands are moved and reshaped by the weather elements and protect the mainland.

Any, and all, efforts are worth trying to help the students who’ve fallen behind. What program works for one might not work for another. I support any efforts to address the loss of learning for these students.

Good. I hope that they start by cutting many of the top-heavy, unnecessary administrative jobs at central office. In fact, speaking with administrators in other divisions, this seems to be a problem in Fairfax, Alexandria, and Loudoun. I’m not sure about other counties. If the informed ci…

Although I know she wants to seek higher office, I am sorry that Filler-Corn is leaving the district for Tran to win. I did not like the horrible bill Tran introduced regarding newborns.

Good news. I’m glad that they’re maintaining the historic architectural features. The new offerings will increase the different cuisines offered.