Mike Hunt

Let’s hope our county can be saved from our elected school board commies. God help us….

Democrat run InsideNoVA will not allow comments on the obvious…. Democrat policy let this clown loose again and again. Sad.

This will obviously being more more crime and issues to an area that already has a terrible reputation.

Yes this is the answer! It’s worked so well in D.C.!

What can you expect in Democrat run Dale Sh**ty? What used to be a good place to live 35 years ago is now a cesspool of gang infested activity.

In other words, all political theater and no accountability.

All Democrats….

Or get a job and pay your bills like everyone else.

All Democrats listed there…maybe with exception of Michael Jackson (Lol).

In other news the sky is blue and the Vote will be 5 to 3 on party lines.

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