These polls are poorly done. I can say that about 90 percent of the parents I know want their kids in school.

Deceptive reporting. You all know there is a backlog of reports and they were all dumped in bulk. Just trying to freak everyone out. So you bury it in the story but don’t explain how that data would affect counts

an absentee ballot you request, a mail in ballot is mailed to you automatically whether you request it or not. they both travel by mail, but the process is different. so yes, there is a difference whether there is a reason or not.

US Marshal was also gunned down in Phoenix today as well...

these people are irritating as all get out..on both sides.

I love the whole “it’s hard to immigrate so let’s give them a pass” argument. Immigration is hard, it’s supposed to be. Those who come here unauthorized should be sent back to their countries

Thats a tired argument. English is the most commonly used language. It’s also the international language of business. Just because some one doesn’t want to learn a separate language doesn’t mean they “are obtuse and ignorant” only obtuse and ignorant people say that (or elitists). Even du…

what a waste and obvious propaganda..not letting my kids miles within that class. american history IS black history. may as well segregate the schools again if you go down this road

how? what are they going to countersue for? not how this works. plus they are suing the individual supervisors thus the county is not in the mix here. one of the reasons why the supervisors have to get their own attorneys.

This is beyond sick..torturing defenseless animals for sport. Beyond evil. I hope they rot in prison

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