dana walls

i see that there were so many other people ripped off by CAPITAL ONE that now they can build a HUGE building in tysons corner and even put things on top of it that are just crazy,,why aren't they building some thing more for the people like a HUGE HOMELESS BUILDING WITH A HEALTH CLINIC FO…

its all about the money, its why so many arent working they want better pay...

i am sorry but there is INFO everywhere about this kinda crap people arent doing..so now a child falls out of the car cuz its MOM wont take the time to go to a firehouse to have the seat installed the right way?? what would have happened to this dumb mom, if that child had gotten hurt or …

i am so glad she is ok, but i was told years ago to make sure you pull the bad guy in the house to make it justified., but i guess the laws are changing. but i wish they would make this more on the news, so these rotten jerks would see that they can be shot n maybe they better think about…

VDOT cant handle ANY traffic problems very well at all,,,they should have closed express way sooner n let south bound get moving faster than they did,,unreal !!

why not make sure us older ones have it first???

about time

not everyone has a computer or internet or newspaper or cell phone in these hard times,,,TO KNOW ABOUT THIS PROGRAM..

cant believe they have nuttin better to in these hard times than pick on something so small to complain about.. why not change some of the dumb laws we have on the books..why is it now you want to change HISTORY , SO MUCH??.

Great idea, just wrong area,,pick a new n cheaper area for all the workers to live,, there is lots of empty land and not as congested as Stafford area which right next to Fredricksburg ! I guess that will male to much good sense !!

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