Where are the two racist who always comment on black crime?

Hey Fake, You are fine with Trump hiding the virus that has killed over 197,000 people? You are the problem by supporting Trump who has never said anything negative about Putin and who has insulted military members and Gold Star Families. You embarrass yourself on a daily basis with your …

What the heck are you talking about?

Is that all you have today Fake? Let's talk about the tapes of Trump lying about the virus and him saying negative things about the military which are all true. You folks still support this liar and loser and I bet you are all embarrassed as heck now. Now go back and hide in your shell.

Fake and Soily are nothing but complainers. They don’t complain about the wall that Trump promised Mexico would pay for, the new healthcare plan on day one, Russia interfering and placing bounties on our military members heads, Trump killing over 180,000 Americans due to his incompetent o…

These university presidents should be fired and held accountable for making these decisions. This virus is not going way anytime sooner unfortunately.

BAM! You are spot on. I wonder if these "fake" Christians will react with more lies. They sure aren't reading the Bible I read.

Fake, You lie just like Trump and your deplorable friends. You know he is a pathological liar, but will accept his lies, but won't let anyone else lie to you. You hypocrites know he is a racist like yourself and that is why you support him still. SAD.

And you still support Trump who makes nasty comments about women and treat them like second class citizens. You support a man who will not address this nation on racial tensions. Biden and most of us DO SUPPORT THE BLUE and you know it. Wake up and grow up and leave your racism in the pas…

Why do you lie all of the time Soily? Leftist riots or whatever nonsense you wrote is 100% FALSE! Grow up and ask Trump not to lie like he always does to you deplorable anti-Americans.

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