What is being smoked in this joint? Is the joint a public nuisance yet?

Mountain out of a mole hill? Baahaahaa. Unless it’s your face getting kicked in. Then you want the cops.

Oh..Well... One of those misdemeanors the Commonwealth’s Attorney said she won’t be prosecuting. Maybe one of the Judges knows how to prosecute animal cruelty cases?

Can’t equate FFx County with PWC. The loony Commonwealth’s Attorney in FFX was elected with Soros’s money. Ashworth, to her credit, didn’t take money from Soros.

You mean let most criminals out on PR bond. Last year there was a felonious assault defendant (presumption against bond by statute) who was arrested on a Wednesday or Thursday. Let out on “supervised release” on Friday and Monday committed MURDER in Fredericksburg. Don’t read about that s…

So the Commonwealths Attorney has what? 24 attorneys? And they want 12 more. An increase of 50%. AND they want to represent fewer victims in court by not appearing in most misdemeanor cases. Huh??? How the heck did Ebert manage all those years to cover ALL the courts and help ALL the vict…

Ahh...Excuse me....His alleged victim.

Three hots and a cot. He’s getting better treatment than his victim got.

Is Ms. Via-Grossman over 65, a first responder or health care worker? How did she jump the line?

How about “Watson”? In honor of Dave Watson not the Sherlock Watson.

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