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Al, how can PWC synchronize our local election?

Yee haw! Folks! Beware the natives, beware the darkie, beware the Irish, beware the Japs, beware the commies, beware the ahabs. Folks, especially beware the Trumpkins and their dear leader. If you show fear, he will grab you by the [love]

Good. Homeless will enjoy eating the fat. Just remember to wash up as pig smelling crackerjacks are not allowed entry.

You nailed it GUPI. The three members names are Donald, Corey, and Pete. They have been cited for lying (i.e.stealth jihad), taking gods name in vain, and interrupting the decorum in public meetings. Not sure but I think they belong to the Republican Sharia party.

In Spain? Buddy with a Koran? 7 for 7? JJ, not only are you a sissy, but you are full of mierda.

The mosques in the county are well protected without the aid of the police, JJ. You on the other hand are still a sissy and will remain so.

Oh, Ok, TLSpinks,
if traffic is your issue, let me introduce the novel concept known as traffic management. If you take the time to leave your bunker, you will find many examples of this. Further, the appropriateness of the structure will be determined by professionals in the relevant g…


One of the popular symbols of Islam is the crescent. So it makes perfect sense that the next mosque will be built in the rural CRESCENT. There is no right to public utilities but there is a right to freedom of worship. If you don't like change in the color scheme in your neighborhood, I …

Herb, Comstock is a freshman Republican and clever enough to understand that she is a follower on this and many other issues. Her masters have an ideology and facts or even American interests cannot be allowed to get in the way. To expect anything different is disingenuous on yours part.

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