Whatever, I’d love for you to come up with one disgusting comment I’ve ever made?

Your day isn't complete without a comment from crazy derek005's idiot self.

Hang it up people, InsideNova has called the race. Remember the date, July 31st, 2020 was the day the United States of America was defeated and The Socialist People's Republic of America began. "The age of man is over"

How can someone who's nickname was "COON MAN" and loved denigrating black people his entire life have anyone who approves of him to begin with? Oh and also being the first governor in the history of the nation who tried to make infanticide legal?

Biden has declared that he will have 10% low income housing in every neighborhood in America. So we should get use to having murders and shootings next door to us very soon.

Where did Trump have the unemployment rate before the Chinese flu struck and the democrats shut down the economy again?

The policy doesn't discriminate against Black and Latino renters, it identifies criminals. Nobody wants a convicted coke head living in the same building as them.

I was wondering when we would have a sighting from derek005 our resident racist and keyboard tough guy. Don’t worry, Trump doesn’t have much of or really any chance to get re-elected and you will be able to finally fulfill your dream of destroying America and turning Prince William county…

Just fire the creep and move on, what is the hold up???

The fix is in, Biden and his black female vice president will win in a landslide as well and take both houses of Congress. Get ready to live in a dark blue America for the rest of your lives.

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