Not really news. Everyone and anyone that lives in or near DC knows that things shutdown for inauguration. God bless the Capitol Police who will keep the loonies from both sides at bay.

PWCS SB Summary:

Dr. Walts: We are unable to mitigate against this excessive spread, especially with the air particles. Let's push-back school opening. It's almost February. What's another month or two? This year's a mess anyway.

Lateef: We need to open schools, no matter what…

Shallow Hal! Ha ha! You're such a troll. Did you see one of our strong, conservative state representatives died of the virus? God rest his soul.

Honestly, they should have built Disneyland. It would have been quick and painful death instead of the creeping garbage from Colgan to Gainesville.

Hawkeye, ha ha! Good one!

Maybe the Superintendent is taking all the heat since Lateef buried the Twitter ordeal. Something fishy is going on.

Anyway, you don't have to worry. The sports are socially distanced! Should make for an interesting basketball game or wrestling match.…

Oh no! All those lazy mom's who don't know what to do with their kids can't send them into school. Ugghhh. Now they can't get their nails done, or run out to LuLu Lemon. These schools just aren't doing their job![crying]

Just legalize it and tax it. Done. There will be quite a few PWC looking for jobs once these dispensaries take hold.

I'm glad someone agrees with me! I've got Hawkeye and 69 on my side. Mr. Bean needs to go bleed his heart at a BLM protest.

The science as interpreted by a bunch of sociopaths. TB, I love that you rely on the science when convenient. All other scientists are "nutjobs", unless they pretend that this is time to just live a normal life.

The big hypocrisy of your GBD is your call for Utilitarianism now. But …

It's my God-given right to walk where I want to, breathe where I want to, and cough where I want to. And if I want to do that right in your face, then God willing I will! And not you or no one can stop me! You tell em' 69!

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