Robert Segall

"We just feel this really puts our children at risk and our business at risk"

Yea Lets keep those homeless people in the woods where they belong! /s

Transgender children in elementary school have been molded by society and parents to be that way. They haven't even hit puberty and still think boys and girls have cooties,Good for that teacher.

They are not "experimental" you loon.

This is a little overkill, there is not that much traffic coming onto route 1 from 123.

Looks like it's time to erase all of the founding fathers of the united states, George Washington owned more slaves than both of these people, should we take him off the dollar bill too? Historical context is important, and is lacking in their decision to remove these names.

The link you shared shows blacks commit disproportionately more murders, assaults, and robberies than any other race, while whites and other races fall in line with expected deviation.

Bad cops showing themselves out the door as far as I'm concerned. God forbid there is accountability for unwarranted actions, that's basic civility 101.

Vaccines are voluntary, how can there be a problem? Some crazy SJW makes one.

So you would rather have the name of a traitor and slave enthusiast celebrated?

Lincoln didn't declare war because the south started the war to preserve slavery

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