Trump is "draining the swamp". Gonna take another 4 years.

PW Times has updated story. Just a terrible tragedy.

People don't realize the danger and power of the ocean. Rip tides, under tows, sharks.....why go in? Stay in the pool for Gods sake

Down there by Featherstone area. I remember when that area was a God fearing, peaceful place to live.

Im sure its gonna be a nice stadium, but how the hell do you get down there in the evening? 95 is a parking lot. You need a helicopter to get to the park

Great great season! Memories for life

That one guy came all the way up from Mineral, Va. That must of been some tasty pie at that motel[wink]

Bet it was that Aluminum wire. County needs to step in and rewire all those old Dale City homes.

Sooooo……...50 years ago we sent astronauts up in a rocketship and landed softly on the moon. Then they got out and hopped around a little and got back in the ship and flew back to Earth. Riiiiiight

I wish the Skins would give Lucky a look. Lord knows they could use some offensive punch.