I suspect new taxes will make a zero gain out of those small pay increases

What is the added value of knowing his name other than perverse tititalation...

Can you see the tears forming yet, the screams and gnashing of teeth as the left drops to ground and prostate themselves, praying to their "god" asking why, how, did they beat us again. The glow of red light is warming, embrace it, enjoy it, your pain will ease...

Thinking most of the renames should be Snowflake High - Revisionist History is garbage

what a shame

They selected an A+ rating over an A - but uncover your eyes He won and I suspect Mr Freitas will back him

Are ya sure about all that

Yes - thank you

Because you have such distain for the man, perhaps you should ask Mr DiNiro to come and run a carpetbagger campaign as HRC did in NY - I suspect that would make the democratic party a warm and fuzzy inside

Excellent thoughts, looking forward to Senator Stewart