Hospice Nurse Jill Biden

Hospice Nurse Jill Biden commented on Osbourn Park junior helps students navigate pandemic

Yeah! It's people like that who made me pro abortion! This is giving me hope!

Hospice Nurse Jill Biden commented on Top six homes for sale in the Manassas area

Better get them before they are bulldozed for low income housing projects.

Like I said before professor bean will be first in line to sign up for AOCs SS to run the re-eduction camps. The citizen will probably be the person living next to the camps saying... I never knew THAT was going on there.

I guess they will have to increase the gas taxes again and much more than they originally planned. Pump up the VAT tax while you're at it too. how are you going to pay for free college, free healthcare, guaranteed income and the EPA plans without it? All those poor souls who skipped colle…

Even CNN's Fredo is calling out the lies of the Biden admin about the distribution. Isn't this blog affiliated with CNN?

In Joe Biden's America it will be under par soon enough.

I voted for Biden to stop the spread but now I am hearing democrat governors now want to open back up after the election and open schools when deaths and infections are surpassing last years daily numbers. Hordes of unmasked are at our gates too! It was all political after all. I should h…

Only in America do the losers get to rewrite history. The republican party disavows racists just as much as the democrats today. Except the party of Lincoln doesn't have the history of the party of Robert Byrd. LBJ was so right wasn't he... But he never said THAT as history is rewritten b…

They have been banning accounts now. You don't have to worry anymore about hearing opposing view points anymore.

Hospice Nurse Jill Biden commented on Rod Hall announces campaign in 31st House District

Good luck Mr. Hall. I hope you are not a radical leftist like your party leadership and the majority of your voter base.

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