To reinvigorate the Republican Party you must first actively support defeating trump and all of his enablers.

This civil lawsuit is a total waste of taxpayer money driven by the Republican desire to paint Democrats in a bad light. After the civil suit is over PWC should sue for recovery of legal fees spent to defend this partisan attack.

This is a good initiative that will minimize Republicans opportunity to fraud the elections - as they have done in the past.

I agree with you - this clown is wasting PWC taxpayer dollars. When he loses the lawsuit, I am hopeful PWC can recover our legal expenses defending this frivolous lawsuit.

Another entrant for the 2020 Darwin Award.

Thank you donald trump for all of your great covid-19 support starting in March 2020. What a great person you are.

This "investigation" is a BIG WASTE of PWC taxpayer money.

I fully agree that 3 foot separation "ain't cutting it."

Renaming schools and roads is a bad use of public monies in these tough economic times.

Trying to rewrite the past is doomed to failure. Where will it stop? Washington, Jefferson and many other Founding Fathers owned slaves - do we rename Washington, DC? Enough is enough - quit this nonsense.

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