Jimi Weaver

At a meeting 7 or 8 years ago, attended by then Mayor Hal Parrish, various Council members, Elizabeth Via-Grossman, then head of the Parks and Recreation Department & many other interested parties, design plans were shown for an 8 field baseball/softball replacement complex then desig…

Mr. Pate’s statement that the Manassas has no room for an in kind complex in the City is disingenuous at best.

At a meeting 7 years ago attended by the then Mayor, various Council members, Ms. Via-Grossman & many other interested parties, design plans were shown for an 8 field b…

Amen to your last sentence Tom. Well done![thumbup]

Name-calling and personal insults are the last resort of someone who came to a battle of intellect with no other ammunition.

You really need to start getting your science information from somewhere other than OANN & Newsmax because your statement is flat out untrue.

Virus mutations are almost always more deadly, not less.

As anyone who has been in the United States armed forces can attest, all service members are mandated to receive a number of vaccinations to keep the Troops healthy and safe. This vaccination should be no different and to say otherwise could be deemed unpatriotic.

Cool Eyez I looked it up & according to the CDC only 1 child died of influenza during 2020

InsideNova moderator please [ban] George Lawton (Yorktown2021). His comments are usually racist and almost always untrue while adding nothing worthwhile to the conversation

Congratulations Shawn. Roll Tide Roll


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