JJ Reynolds

"The robbers were described as two black males, approximately 5-foot-9, with thin builds. They were wearing gray and black hoodies and dark jeans."

These criminals should be easy to identify and apprehend in Dumfries.

All such prior lawsuits have failed in Virginia.

There goes all the cough syrup and Jolly Ranchers in Gainesville.

Dozens in one year in one state?

Pffft! That many get shot and killed in Baltimore alone just in one week.

Teens partying in a hotel room at 0300 hours?

As a juror I would have no problem issung a crushing judgment against this hotel which appears from a map search to be the Rimpal Inn at 7399 Old Centreville Road...

I would be far more concerned with making sure we have police who will actually enter the school and not wait until it's completely safe before going in.

Why no description of the armed robber?

And yet the liberal media fawns over BLM - the black KKK - when they openly recruit new members...

It's really very simple. Does tethering lead to neglect? If the answer is yes - which it is - then tethering is a problem.

LMFAO. That's a white male???

The delusion and denial of liberals sinks to lower levels every day...