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Jill has never worked for Democratic members of the government. She did, however, work as a reporter for the Tallahassee Democrat, a well-respected Florida newspaper.

We had heard that, and police said there was no pursuit.

Yes, 30 years. Story is corrected.

They told us on the phone today that the date is not firm.

Sorry, correct link is: http://www.daveandbusters.com/careers/

The teens in the Dale City suicide weren't both white. And that is an entirely different type of story, one involving suicide and juveniles. This is a story about police looking for suspects in a shooting with adult suspects and an adult victim, who didn't die. If you ever see a racist comme…

The story says the death is under investigation. We're trying to tread carefully, as we do in cases of untimely deaths that aren't homicides or accidents ...

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Updated the story, insidebugs. Second shark attack today.

I kinda figured ...