So they don’t see the tanking of the real estate market coming?

They need to start cutting government NOW!

But will they block penalties for not paying state or property taxes?

If all these utilities can function without payment, why can’t the government?

Remember voting illegally is a felony. If you are one of those dreamers and you vote, even by mail, it could be grounds for deportation.

It used to be hard to check and see who did and did not vote. Now it is a few clicks of a mouse. Sure would stink to finally be ready to get US ci…

Any politician that talks about masks without mentioning the importance of vitamin D is more interested in propagating fear than making sure people stay healthy.

The science says, vitamin D levels are important. Any politician who talks about masks, social distancing, closed businesses or schools without mentioning the importance of a healthy vitamin D level isn’t interested in Covid 19 going away before November.

Looking at places like NYC and Florida who are doing much better now, it appears the best path is to let it burn through the population. As long as we keep the numbers low enough so we don’t overwhelm the hospitals allowing “the herd” to encounter the virus will inoculate most of the indi…

HQC+Zinc, like tamiflu for the flu, needs to be given early. To stop this we need to be treating before people end up in the ER. Medcram, does an excellent job explaining all sorts of things. I recommend you do your own research. This is far more complex of a situation then pcr tests and …

Sounds similar to what the combination of HCQ+zinc does. Blocks viral replication, inhibits the movement of the virus into the cell and tamps down the cytokines.

Virginia, Maryland and DC could be helped a lot of OPM and county school systems required any employee being paid to 100% telework had to remain at home.

Why is the goal to grow the system? Especially now shouldn’t we be looking to scale back the system?

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