Larry Lyons

There's a massive about of projection in what you've written.It makes me wonder about what you do in your free time.

You kid is more likely to get assaulted by a boy wearing pants when she's on her way home from school. But one question, why do you fantasize about this sort of assault? Fantasize much?

Stupid question. Chances are your kid is just as happy where he is. The fact that he can't play baseball is no excuse.

First off you're wrong about about gender. Medical science has recognized multiple genders since the early 60's But hey that's science. Or as Neil Degrasse Tyson noted: "The good thing about science is that it's true whether or not you believe in it." Obvously you think it is a matter of …

Yeah you're right. It ain't like the good ole' days when you could bully someone if they were the slightest bit different, like in colour, religion, or gender/ /s

Lee was against slavery? Um again no. He inherited 12 from his mother, and bought and sold others, according to historical record. Moreover there are cases where he was personally involved in the beating of an escaped pair of slaves, and him later selling the man to markets in Louisiana. …

What politics. He's already said he's in favour of kids being vaccinated for COVID.

Yes you follow the requirements for kids to get vaccinated for polio or the mumps, as well as 9 other vaccines. What's the difference aside from ideological hypocrisy?

You might want to check that Reputable sources, like the John Hopkins COVID dashboard and the CDC disagree.

It would be a good idea for you to watch something else other than OAN or Fox News. But hey that won't happen, after all your wingnuts have your own faux reality.

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