I’m behind this 100%... almost brings a tear to the eye. God bless America and Manassas!

Public universities in VA have been tilted that way because we haven't had a Republican Gov in a while.

The guy fundamentally misunderstands what gives property value, and by attacking those property rights would effectively enslave the people to the state, eliminate foreign/domestic investment in it, all while driving down values that are assessed to generate tax revenue for local governme…

So you want a head law enforcement job and your first concern is to not enforce the law?

Glossing right over the fact that money could be better spent reducing class sizes /school trailers. When you budget you set your priorities in oder of highest to least important and somewhere you draw a cut-off line.

The kids are having classes in trailers, but look at us, we have nice elevated walkways.

Best of luck J Rob!

Here is a County that literally has no clue: You say you want to balance out the tax ratio for a residential heavy community? Loudon is gonna start turning them away soon, and Fauquier Co will swoop in and take your biz because investing in that infrastructure provides the best return on i…

Compared to how NC treats it’s minir league stadiums, we really failed to utilize a minor league site by not letting it spur further development around it. Now that they’re gone we should focus on ideas that draw people to the location.