Allen Muchnick

Fortunately for us, you remain in NoVA during your retirement, to enlighten us with your uninformed and misinformed insights for additional decades.

This petty partisan acrimony by PWC supervisors of both parties is extremely unproductive and embarrassing. Could you ALL please stop it and work collaboratively for the people you were elected to serve?

Both the original email with the ambiguous subject line and the actions of Reve…

My Real Name commented on Georgetown South project scaled down

As expected, some vocal nearby residents oppose "density" and change, but this proposed "town house farm" would clear cut and pave over a largely wooded site with excess impervious surfaces, without providing the density appropriate for this prime, near-downtown location.

The replac…

However, unmasked children can still acquire and multiply the COVID virus, spreading the highly contagious and often-deadly infection to their teachers, other school employees, and family members at home.

Do you have even a shred of evidence of any real problems, or do you simply post ignorant speculation?

Of course, harassment and violence have never happened among cis-gendered children in school toilet and locker rooms?

In a just, inclusive, and nurturing learning environment, respect and acceptance must prevail over hate and intolerance.

My Real Name commented on Candidates set for Manassas council

> "If elected to a full term by voters,..."

Whoever wins this election will complete a Council term that ends on December 31, 2022. In November 2022, this seat and two other seats on the Manassas City Council will be up for full, four-year terms.

The right to vote is fundamental for any true democracy. Although many find it essential in auto-dependent communities, no one has a fundamental right to own or operate a motor vehicle.

Rather than widening its pedestrian-hostile Sudley Road traffic sewer in front of Prince William Hospital, the City of Manassas should be focused on transforming Sudley Road into a walkable, mixed-use, healthcare-focused regional activity center.

Fortunately, the northern Potomac crossing between Loudoun and Montgomery Counties has little prospect of ever happening, although our region's suburban sprawl and unsustainable carbon footprint are already outrageous without it.

The Hogan administration is currently in the process …

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