Stephanie Richardson

Guess the school system must have more money than they knowbwhat to do with if they waste funds on pursuing this. This morning on the TODAY show, a prominent executive and business man said he is finding that newly hired young people are not able to work in the real world because of the "…

Think you are off the mark when it comes to what our educational system is....not a place for society's trending "norms".

Kids love to use things like this to play around and create disruptions in the classroom. Been through this several times with whatever is the current trend/change in society. Whether he says this is because if religioin or not, school leaders need to stop pandering to every whim.


Keep this out of the schools. This is just the first step in major changes that will have a dangerous and negative impact to our society. Do not let this slip in and do not believe that this is in any way a positive part of education. We do not need to spend time indoctrinating so-called …

Love this dog and a big thanks to Medvet! Wonder if there is any update on who shot him? Did they post his picture and story to other areas? Am sure someone knows who did this.....he needs to be found!

Would like to see the list of possible names.....any races.....cultures other than just one to be considered? If they must fall in line with all the other stupid school name changes, just rename for areas, not people. Wonder if other proposed people's names will be vetted or just assume t…

As of right now, dog just got out of surgery and is stable. Thank goodness for Medvet..

what a great place. I just donated and if there is any way anyone else can help, please do.

Totally agree. Northam is the worst governor Virginia has ever had. He is ruining this lovely state....some of his outrageous changes have already done damage...election cannot come too soon.

Nice to see this school system chose a dedicated educator from the inside and not from outside as recently happened with another school system. At least some honor loyalty and recognize excellence from within.

not into politics commented on Gar-Field High School dropping Indians mascot


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