Paul Miller

Stewart is still running?

I understand the importance of getting ahead of potential disasters with these declarations, and I certainly don't mean to downplay the effects of this hurricane in Florida and Georgia, or in already flooded North Carolina, but really - a declared Virginia 'disaster' for a few inches of rain…

After what I saw today from the Kavanaugh hearings, if Kaine wants to connect this campaign to that issue, it might be an avenue for the polls to tighten in this Senate race.

I would have thought Kaine would avoid taking these kinds of risks. He could have coasted to a win, and still m…

It isn't hard to imagine a similar thing happening before everything went digital, except the threat would be from a car window in a fast food parking lot. I'm not excusing the threat, but I remember hearing things like this when I was a kid - no police got involved and life went on. My poin…

Oh, that's right, this election is coming up. I had forgotten because we're in that summer lull. I suppose that could be the point of this unusual allegation?

I have to agree Kaine ought to be pleased with this field of potential challengers. I wouldn't mind hearing more about Freitas, but delegate to U.S. senator would be a huge jump. Hopefully Gilmore jumps in.

Apologies to school administrators, this time. My response a few minutes ago should have been directed toward bureaucratic overreach (in my view) by a school board.

From what I've seen of test scores, etc., these administrators should worry more about whether the students in their schools are being educated. Homeschooling certainly isn't for everyone, and unfortunately many parents who would like to do it may not have the opportunity. But as far as I kn…

I was going to write 'rest in peace,' but then I remembered something that Padre Pio once said - his life in this world was just the start of his work. We cannot assume sainthood at this point, of course, but I do hope Father Creedon has the opportunity to continue his work as well.

Stay classy, San Diego.

By the way, Corey, are you going to blame Ed for turning your county such a deep shade of blue yesterday, that even Vermonters are jealous?

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