So stop whining and get a mail-in ballot. Why does everyone seem so helpless these days????

Sounds more like a liberal wet their pants over soemone legally carrying. This type of idiocy is why so-called red flag laws are dangerous.

Any updated information?

Possible loss/suspension of his CDL, which would mean he loses his job. That would cost a lot more than any fine. The article didn't make clear if the defective brakes were the truck, the trailer or both.

It is ALWAYS the driver's responsibility to ensure the brakes are functioning o…

Someone needs to revisit the latest Minnieville Road project, Spriggs Road to 234. Hole was left in the left-hand, northbound lane, adjacent to Honor Court and over winter it has developed into a crater that could swallow a motorcycle.

Didn't anyone run a punch-list?

SO once again, reading Inside Nova you would have absolutely no idea that there were two Constitutional amendments on the ballot. No coverage leading u to the polls, no coverage on how Virginians voted. Maybe change your name to Inside SoDC?

pjarhead commented on Corey Stewart in the spotlight

"known for fiery grilling of politicos" - yeah, hardly. Known for slandering Conservatives while parroting talking points and fake headlines and narratives more than anything. I doubt CC has ever had an original thought enter into his pointy head in the past 40 years.

OK, not a teacher, but actually worse. Supposedly has a PhD in Political Science. I think whatever diploma mill gave her that should give her a refund and demand the certificate be returned.

Inane comments like this is why we home school. Can't believe a TEACHER is so ignorant of the history of the country and the Constitution. Actually, I have a Masters in Ed, so I can believe it after interacting with the teachers that were in my Masters program - sadly wide-spread.