Lon G Johnson

So obviously you favor mandatory in person photo ID requirements to vote. We agree!

Even if he survived the plunge, the swimming part was very iffy!

PWC resident since '69 commented on Police search for Leesburg bank robber

Damn so that is what Jerry Glanville is doing since the coaching gigs dried up?

Cultural diversity…just looking for a wife

Obviously three comments did not fit the Inside NoVa Apologist narrative

I will give the new Superintendent kudos for not caving and allowing kids to go on line for any and all reasons. The kids were out of school for over 12 months, zoom was a joke and teachers were forced to pass kids on just for logging in or turning in garbage! The SOL tests proved that li…

The name is not the likely reason but the NO DRIVER’S LICENSE is a dead (no pun i tended) give away!

If any of those on the LoCo school board members had an ounce of integrity they would resign. Since Northram, schools not required to report crimes to law enforcement!

You idea of innocent until proven guilty is noble and unfortunately in today’s world less and less of a possibility. The media high tech lynching (to steal a phrase) of Rittenhouse began the second media got ahold of the video. No judge no jury just case closed. Easy to bring race into th…

Put this guy under some jail house somewhere forever

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