Raider Rider

Seems stupid to disarm the law abiding....

Doesn't seem accidental....

How can you write HHR and assume the readers understand? HHR (historic horse racing) machines are slots with payouts set to the algorithm of stored horse races.

Data center? Everyone else is consolidating to the cloud. Don't get in the data center business with its massive maintenance costs!

motorcycle sideswiped a 2001 Jaguar XK8....prolly the other way around.


Raider Rider commented on Chuy's coming to Woodbridge in December

Right next to South of the Border....Hmmm

Raider Rider commented on New P-Nats stadium pushed back to 2016

I don't see any parking area for the stadium.[ohmy]

Start with running the utilities underground. Those ugly utility poles are a huge part of the eye sore!