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Ralf Bee

Have you noticed that people come to Woodbridge and Dale City from elsewhere only to commit crimes???? Why is that?

I am all for a GOP rep, as anything is better than a useless Dem!

This will be good but only if we can finally have a GOP Congressman that represents us. The current incumbent certainly does not !

Servicemembers and vets are patriots, which is frowned upon by the Dem run cancel culture we have now. Jan 6th was a product of why not to steal an election.

As a short addendum to this, no sense in wasting time talking to the little child's parents, it will have no use. After all, these are the people that raised the monster in the first place.

I am almost positive the security officer does not scold a student for no reason. So the child probably deserved it, but we live in a non-contact world now. The child, and it is a child, does not respect authority now and will not in the future. So, the security officer will be reprimande…

I am all for a fair and equal report, so long as no more funding (my taxes!) go to the educational money pit, that produces little or no results. I am not impressed at all on the (lack of) education of PWC students. They know all about CRT and gender awareness, but fail terribly at math, …

Change, Nuke is entitled, as any other person, to post what he likes. How about you growing up ?

Ok, so here is a great candidate for the death penalty. Or is he going to prison for life at taxpayer expense? Keeping a person in jail is cruel and unusual punishment.

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