Teachers are great, but new anybody finds it hard to pay the rent when they first start out. That's the way life is. Avoid getting yourself in debt and life will get better.

Sad. Is upper body trauma an euphemism for MS-13 attack?

That street has a 45 mph speed limit. There is no way you could cross a center divider and still hit another car with this much energy if you were going anywhere near 45 mph. Why isn't the adult driver of the Volkswagen identified?

Times have changed since I was in high school.

Since there are easier ways to steal food, I'm guessing he didn't sneak onto campus because he was hungry. He had other motives and I can't think of a positive one.

I guess, the old location was too small the day it opened. But, for mid county people we will have to travel further now. Not a big deal.

With our abundance of empty classrooms, too many English as a second language teachers, and low property taxes. Prince William County is the ideal place to house these kids. If you disagree, you are a racist white supremecist, even if you are black or Hispanic.

If this is the same David Alan Francis (same age) he has a history of impaired driving. He's been convicted at least three times. Perhaps a different person with same name and age.

Exactly what I was thinking.