Is it Trumps fault that countries around the globe are seeing a major increase in cases.

oh, so your saying that by drag racing, the kids arent putting their lives or any other lives at risk, only when the police are involved is there a risk of injury or death, got it, thanks for clearing that up

suppose the cops did that, and these kids drove off thinking they were in the clear, only to start racing again and possibly kill an innocent driver, what would your thought be then, that the police should have pulled them over on the spot

Where is Brad and Timt for this story, I need a good laugh today.

Just curious as to how the police can provoke violence during a peaceful protest. Did they force or dare people to break windows of businesses and throw bricks, or is it just a natural reaction when some of the protesters see police

is it me or does it look like some work was recently done on the street in that same spot, i think somebody has some expaining to do

Im not sure if violent crime is increasing in the county, some of the recent bodies found along the 95 corridor have been dumped from other places. One thing that is happening though is as populations increase around DC then crime will go up in numbers, but is it going up on a per capita …

not upset in the least, dog track course, should never have wasted the money to build it in the 1st place

hey look,TIMT calling Trump a racist and anybody who supports him a racist, when hes the 1 supporting 2 racists and a rapist

superb idea, adding another shopping center with another nail salon, hair salon, tobacco store and 20 plus vacant stores on either side, plus another 20 minutes to get through 1 intersection, buy hey its got a cool pond and fountains so all is good

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