It's not a mental health crisis if it is everyday. At that point it is insanity.

What a insult to police and a complete waste of time and resources. Get this state opened back up. All of these token gestures don't mean crap.

The teachers give it everything they have 16+ hours a day so to blame them shows ignorance of the real problem. The elected officials and school board leaders that have never thought. They buy into these programs for millions a year. It forces the teachers to constantly rearrange their cu…

This story would be great if it wasn't for the thousands of solid waste trucks blowing stoplights in the Coles District. Coupled with the influx of out of town waste and diesel fumes the 234 corridor has become nothing more than a trash highway. Our county supervisors want to widen the ro…

Wexton has not accomplished any but division

Walts should be on the street. More corrupt politicians covering their own butts while ripping us off.

By social distancing they close half the dumpsters and crowd twice as many people. At least use every other dumpster. Just more corrupt county government ripping off tax payers.

Sounds like a shortage of guns and rednecks. Another Democratic disaster.

Good for you

The NVTA is too corrupt to change now.

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