Another one of Trump's "very fine people" exercising his right to keep and bear arms[whistling] (while committing a few felonies)

This is the same POS that exposed himself in a Manassas Target a while back. Another one of Trump's "very fine people"....

Another one of Trump's "very fine people". Probably had no father figure in his life. PW needs to build a wall around the county to keep trash like this out

And THAT is precisely how we got here in the 1st place. History of Black people was NOT being taught along w/ general history.

Are these mothers THAT bad? As in, are they raising their sons to illegally possess high-powered rifles, travel to another state to commit murder, and return home? [whistling]

Just another one of Trumps "very fine" people, following his lead and selling us out to the Russians. Dont worry. If convicted, Trump will ensure that he's pardoned at lightening speed.

20 years to life doesnt mean either suspect will be out in 20 years. I highly these 2 will be out in 20, given the details of this murder.

swandive commented on Kamala Harris is Biden's VP pick

@American, I bet you beliece Mexico paid for the 3 miles of wall that have been completed and that Obamacare has been repealed also, dont you[whistling]

swandive commented on Kamala Harris is Biden's VP pick

🤣🤣 Throwing eveerything you can think of at her, just like the folks @ fox news I see. Out of desperation you even mentioned slave lineage[lol]. Im sure almost all of our former V.P's have little to NO slave lineage, and quite a few VP's and Presidents have descended from slave traders. O…

I hope they checked the animals for crimes of the $exual nature (r@pe kits). These types are known for such perverted crimes.

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