Simple answer is no. That scenario is just a figment of your fear-mongering insecurities.

Chicken little buggy THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING !!!!!! [scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared] [yawn]

Guess you were once again just quoting EXACTLY what was said in the article, right? [rolleyes]

Once again, chicken little buggy spreading his nonsense and fear-mongering false narrative to make himself feel important. [yawn]

And more of the same false gibberish from the fear-mongering moron. [sad]

[lol] Gee, what a surprise, chicken little buggy posting yet again his clueless false fear-mongering gibberish that the sky is falling and we're all doomed. [scared][scared][scared][scared] Guess he can't think of anything else original to say, much less anything based on reality. Or are …

And there it is like clockwork, the usual fear-mongering false comment from buggy that the zombie apocalypse is coming .... [scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared][scared]

CCW is showing that his hatred and ignorance towards the LGBT community is just as strong as his hatred against the Hispanic community. This type of religious extremism is a very dangerous thing in any society.

The culture of racist Bradboy and his inconsequential comment continues.....

Unfortunately, the culture of racist Bradboy and his inane comment continues ......