Native American groups have been protesting the team name for years. Sad that it took this long to recognize a need to change.

It would be helpful to know what percentage of households will struggle with childcare for the home learning days. With a child in the school system, I am equally concerned with her health and her education, both are clearly at odds this school year. A mix of virtual education could work …

Philip Carter Whinery

The venn diagram of immigrants and those here illegally is not a single circle.

People here attacking Northam because they can't attack the decision.

Have you noted the explosion of cases in the Southern states that opened early? How about the long term health effects for survivors?

Continue wearing masks and social distancing. It isn't that hard. That can be done while opening businesses. Minimize the risk and maximize the hospi…

Republicans are going to get crushed by a blue wave this fall. Not because of BLM, but definitely because of the Dorito Mussolini.

Thanks for pointing that out, what a great organization to donate to! If anyone else is interested in supporting VOICE, you can read about their mission here:

It was certainly a stupid thing to say. Particularly now.

Why celebrate traitorous losers? We should never forget history, or we can never learn from it. But we certainly shouldn't celebrate them as heroes with monuments, schools and roads.

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