How come you never see a Heading on the news which shows: Anti-Christian bigots from an LGBTQ STD extremists attacking peaceful protesters of a church which have deeply held beliefs based on their religion"?

An American with Zero political experience is showing the useful idiots and their political experts how to run America. We'll keep MAGA despite the Dems..

Another Angry Democrat elected by angry Democrats. You guys need to chill out!

How marvelous!, a bunch of racists and rapists who are the leaders of Virginia, are suing the man who is protecting the US from a similar bunch who want to invade our Country. The irony is so precious!!!

The Dems had preached and taught everyone: You Need To Believe The Woman!!!
Let's see if they are as hypocritical as many say they are or if they are fair. You be the judge. By the way, the media showed one more time its true colors by defending Fairfax from the get-go.

Why don't you show a picture of the pirate?

To Shakespeare wannabe: when you hurl the racist epithet only proves that you are the racist. You are following one of Olinsky's tactics: accuse your opponent of what you do or are.

Those poor souls at the Smithsonian, with their multi-million budget funded private donors and by our tax dollars, cannot open some of their facilities a few days, claiming the government shutdown. I can assure you that NONE of the upper management executives nor any low-level employees lost…

We need to change the laws concerning disclosure of disciplinary actions to students. Those laws were implemented when the "crimes" were: chewing gum, spit-bombs, and skipping classes, whereas the crimes perpetrated now by students are really heinous crimes such as the one we are a…

Absentee voting, a tactic used by Dems for a long time, to use voter fraud to their advantage. Republicans better be on the look-out to check those 20,000 absentee voter applications to find that dead people, ilegal alliens, felons, have filed those applications. Hopefully you'll catch them …