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@ Diego - I concur with your sentiments. I believe a jury would give a far more just/proportionate sentence. Too much time on the bench *may* lead to a loss of common sense when sentencing. As laymen, the common sense of a Jury is likely to be fully in tact. Additionally, my concern for u…

Of course, send him back from wherever he came, I’m equal opportunity! If he’s legally in America(n), then he’s our problem to contend with. If he’s not here legally, then send him back to where he belongs.

Every single country has its own fair share of criminals. Having our very ow…

After all these years, he’s is still the Reagan’s best example of “There’s one in every family”.

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee! commented on UPDATED: Victim in Ashburn apparent drowning identified

May the decedent RIP.

“ Shenandoah seldom issues news releases surrounding injuries or deaths of its visitors “to protect the privacy of the people involved,”. I’m skeptical of Shenandoah’s press statement. It’s not difficult, at all, to protect a patient’s privacy. But it is difficult to fix negative press. J…

@ 411Catharpin - I genuinely appreciate your straightforward, common sense comments! Long before the pandemic, public schools needed an overhaul. The pandemic served to solidify the reasons.

Ignorant? No. It’s just a case of discordant opinions. Unfortunately, your first sentence, it showed your caliber of person. So I’ll refrain from seeking meaningful dialogue with you (a carping critic).

Alas! The unforeseen benefit of the lockdowns. Parents unprecedentedly had a seat in their children’s classroom. Educators & curriculum were on full display (daily) for parent’s to see. And what many witnessed was a sight to behold! Inept teachers, a politically motivated/biased curri…

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I’m not sure why some are compelled to publicly divulge such things. Do they think they’re providing a service to themselves or others?

Wake Up & Smell The Coffee! commented on Prince William County recycling rate increases

Agreed! I’m very close to the “why bother” stage. My recycling can was recently replaced (by the company) with a much smaller one. And this past week I watched as the recycling men place some of my recycling into my trash can! For those concerned, the items were recyclables (broken down c…

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