George Lawton


Morons like dutko and Matt just keep repeating lies upon lies. It’s a tactic of democrats and scumbags like themselves.

Diversity is our strength strikes again. I feel like everyday it’s more of the same.

I’m glad they brought in the affirmative action hire from Chicago to clean up the schools..LOL

I think you topped yourself from your previous comment. Virtue signal harder, tell us how you saved the world next?


Exactly, these aren’t schools, just more leftist indoctrination camps.

LOL, virtue signal harder!

Again, remove your children from the grasps on these demonic marxists who seek to destroy you and you’re family. I love how they like to use big words that have no meaning. These are truly

Stupid people!

I hope Todd finds his balls once again versus walking around trying to suck up to corn hole filler.

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