Duke Nukem

Mmm love me some Democratic Party control but clearly not as much as you. The democratic party is anything but democratic.

The liberal media is telling us that the majority of those who aren't getting vaccinated are POC like myself. They are also trying to tell us that they are mostly racist hillbilly Republicans who live in the middle of nowhere . Those two things don't line up if you're to believe the dems.…

Let's talk about when the road is not congested. Maybe they should put flashing lights on the speed limit signs so that people might actually go the speed limit instead of 10-15mph under it, which is the same for 28.

When this is done we'll probably be on the omega (the Principality of Monaco) variant of the covid-19. At which point world population will be reduced by such a percent that we won't need public transit anymore. Gods gift to the left will have completely wiped out any anti-vaxxxxers and t…

Probably promoted to the financial department. It's against the constitution to fire a taxpayer funded federal worker isn't it?

Maybe they have a job opening for you?

Hey inside bloggers where is the article about the Joyce beatty led insurrection? I think Derek must be cowering in fear from the flashbacks. Do you really consider yourselves journalists or just plagiarists?

Definitely need more housing for our fellow freedom loving individuals in Cuba. Perhaps the Biden admin could start accepting more of them and dropping them off inside NOVA. What is that? They majority vote for conservatives so the democrats don't want them to come here? Funny how that works.

Tear it down. 1619

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